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A slice of Bali

We went to Bali in May for J’s birthday and also to check on our wedding preps. Our planner took us around to our shortlisted venues so we could finalise where we’d like to hold the chapel and dinner reception. Thankfully all that’s settled now! It was a tiring 4 days but we managed to squeeze in some time for fun activities!


Meet our camel! His name is Genghis! It was my first time on a camel and I’ve to say I was surprised there were camels in Bali!


I’ll miss you Genghis! Take care!


We also took the opportunity to have some shots taken for our Pre-Wedding album. Not too pleased with the results though. Oh well!

For J’s birthday dinner, we went to il Ristorante at the amazing Bvlgari Resort and had the Degustation menu. Delicious! Too full to walk when we were done.





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