September Mania!

I have been MIA for ages! Work, travel and the boy has kept me away from spending some leisurely time to update this space. Haha!

A lovely hand bouquet of lilies from the boy to Luci to welcome her!

September was a wonderful month as every September every year usually is! Besides turning a year older in the company of family and friends, September was great for work too! πŸ™‚ I had, hands down, the best birthday cake ever! The boy specially planned it as a surprise for me and worked with a lovely baker to create the perfect cake! I was so touched when I saw it! PERFECTION! It didn’t just look good, it tasted fabulous too!

My giant macaroon birthday cake for the family!

Could not bear to cut my beloved cake! 😦

Soooo sweet!

My Lucia stayed for 2 weeks and we went to Shanghai for a short vacation where we lived with Gen and had a blast just shopping and dining. It was great to see Gen again and Shanghai’s really dynamic, bustling and full of activity. It was like non-stop action for us. Unfortunately, we fell ill on the last day and the flight back was very sombre, by our standards!

6 blisters on Lucia's feet!Happy birthday to me!

Lucia will be visiting us in Paris so I can’t wait to catch up with her again and continue our little adventure around the world! We have now been to Shenzhen, HK, Singapore, Bangkok, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Slovakia and Shanghai together! That’s a record!

Welcome to the 'Hai!

My golden bounty birthday present from Lucia! Handmade in pure gold! πŸ™‚ All the way from Prague!

Waiting to board

Thank you Sweetheart!

Isn't she gorgeous? Love love this girl!

37 days to Paris! Tick tock tick tock!


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