Million dollar wedding

I’ve always wondered what a million dollar wedding would be like. In fact, make that millionsss of dollars. Haha! I was in HK for a short trip at the end of October to celebrate Coco’s wedding to Bruce. Coco is a fantastic performer and an awesome person! It was a great experience to be at the wedding! My date at the wedding was my darling Shifu Rick! He’s Coco’s longtime buddy and he was soooo excited for her!

Personalised chocolates win big!

I loved the attention paid to every detail! We had luggage tags b4 our trip to aid logistics at the airport where we were picked up by a buggy right outside the plane and sent to immigration while a steward collected our luggage for us. We were quickly whisked to a waiting limo and taken to our hotel – the swanky Ritz Carlton! There’s nothing quite like the Ritz. Brand new with a lobby on the 103rd floor, the staff and crew of the hotel were impeccable. We really couldn’t ask for more. 2 thumbs up! I’m definitely gonna steal some tips for my own wedding w/o the million dollar budget of course!

The hotel


Chilling at the VIP lounge

Hello, we're on the 116th floor

At the highest club in HK - OZONE

We had so much fun throughout the 2 days of celebrations. Endless performances by Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Neyo and Black Eyed Peas kept us entertained and dancing through the night in our stilettos. Luminous did a great job with the event planning and management. Hair & makeup services were arranged for all the ladies and the hospitality team was on call 24hrs to attend to our every need. Great tips learnt for an overseas wedding. I will keep all these in mind. Haha!

Coco welcomes us in every room - on the cover of Prestige!

Getting my hair done in my bathroom


All done!

Beautiful sunset solemnisation on top of the world

Waiting for the ceremony to start

Surprise No 1: Bruno Mar sings the walk in song!!!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Rockowitz!

Onto to the ballroom for the rest of the evening! One of the most beautifully decorated ballroom I’ve ever seen in my life, there were crystals and bling bling everywhere – the DJ booth, the stage, the table settings and the chandelier of course!


The wonderful table setting

DJ booth!

I loved how we had a variety of food for each course! I was especially happy for the dessert course cuz I had 6 desserts to sample! Delicious!






The mini wedding cake! I love!!


And the performers were…

The one & only Alicia Keys!!!

Empire State of Mind!

The couple share their first dance as husband & wife!

Happy family on stage with Alicia Keys!

The night ended with the ultra-slick and very cool…


Some of the guests were like ‘That must be Usher or!’ I was like ‘huh?!?!? that’s for sure Ne-yo!!!’ Hahaha! We had so much fun singing and dancing along and nobody wanted the night to end! Alas, we retreated for the night to prepare for the party at the famed Shaw Studios the night after! That’ll be in the next post. πŸ™‚

All dressed up and ready to eat!







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  1. Wow, that wedding sounds amazing!

  2. wow!! what a night! πŸ™‚

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