Paris in Winter!

I’m counting down the months and days to December! Why? Cuz we’re going to P-A-R-I-S!


My list of things to-do is ever increasing including Gossip Girl hotspots, touristy destinations and most importantly, shopping venues! Of course I’ll get another Chanel, a Repetto, more Lanvin, another Miu Miu, another Balenciaga and a nice black Prada! That means from now till then, I’ve to work extra hard to shop and make sure our Paris trip is a blast. Hoping to spend at least 8 days there! I need a nice red trenchcoat too. Can’t wait to have the best macaroons in the world! YUMMY!

The Eiffel Tower



On to other good news: my Lucia is visiting in September for my birthday and we’re taking a short trip to Shanghai! She’ll be here from 6-20 Sept and I just can’t wait! Miss her so much and my Europe vacation last yr with her was the best thing I ever did! It woke me up in so many ways… I can still hear Alicia Keys’ Unthinkable playing in the car as we drove to Trnava..


The boy has started work and it’s taking some getting used to for both of us. No more sending me to wk and picking me up for dinner when I’m done. Oh well, responsibilities are calling out. Fingers & toes crossed that he does well and fast tracks to success asap. 😉 Can’t wait to decorate our apartment when the time comes!

The Scala! 😉

Back to work for now. Event’s tmr! Wish me luck!


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