My dream bag!

YAYYYYYYY! I bring good news!!!

I’m overjoyed! I returned from Milan with the bestest bag ever, or rather, my dream bag! Chanel 2.55 Medium Caviar with gold hardware!!!

The Magnificent Duomo

Retailing at SGD $5,170 here, I got it at 2450 euros! That’s before 14% tax refund, so do the math and you’ll know how much I saved. :)))) So worth it! I’ve been saving forever to buy it.. I was very tempted to pick up the new Mademoiselle too! So much savings in Milan and Paris compared to Sg. But supernatural restrain and the return of my brain stopped me from emptying my pockets on another bag and to enjoy the presence of my beloved 2.55.

Somebody is officially the happiest girl now.

I will not buy a bag.. until the end of the year! Except I couldn’t resist and bought a Miu Miu clutch on my last day in the city! Haha!


I’m one very happy but also very broke girl now.. I also bought Gucci chocolates, Fendi accessories and heaps of stuff from H&M! What can I say? I really like my money right where I can see it.. hanging in my closet! Thank you Carrie Bradshaw for that line that I will never forget. =p

Too excited to write now! xoxo.


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