Hotel Room!

Who doesn’t love big hotel rooms?

During my recent business trip to Jakarta to check out the new store openings of my client, I had the opportunity to stay in the amazing Grand Hyatt!

As we were busy from the minute I touched down, I didnt get to check in till almost 11pm at night! Guess what? Of course they gave up my room as the hotel was fully booked, so I got an upgrade to the Presidential Executive Suite on the rooftop!!!

I couldn’t believe my luck! This Chuck Bass-like room was mine? Wow! You could fit 50 people in the room and we’d still have space to move around. Seriously perfect for a party!

Welcome in! Check out the long walkway..

The hall which I didn't get to use.. Haha!

Dining area! Another unutilised spot!

The study area that was too far to walk to, seriously!

Cute Kitchenette!

My dresser!

The giant jacuzzi room! ❤

My bedroom for 24 hours

My private balcony opens up to..

the rooftop of Grand Hyatt Jakarta!

I loved the hotel so much! A pity it was only a one day trip and the only downside to my humongous room was a very paranoid me, not really able to sleep cuz I was scared somebody would budge in and the room’s too huge to realise! Haha! Mad, yes I know..


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