Karen and Ming Kang got married yesterday at The Fullerton!

The ceremony was so sweet and touching that it left all of us in tears.

I always cry at weddings but I was almost sobbing here! :/

We survived in our fairy pink lacy dress! Hair was definitely inspired by Blair Waldorf, complete with pearl hairbands for all 10 sisters.

CONGRATULATIONS NGAN!!! We’re all so happy for you and so excited as you begin your new journey! xoxo.

After a tiring week and packed weekend, life has to slow down this week onwards pls. I need to finish the pile of work that’s just building up daily and work on my stuff.

Project Me-time is on now. 🙂

Hello happy couple!

Getting our nails done the day b4

The Ngan ladies

When's my turn!

6am and the bride hasn't slept a wink! Time for the big day!

Makeup for us!

Reunited with Tere! She knows how we like our hair done!

The sisters are ready!

Posey posey for the cameras

Morning duties over! Off to The Fullerton!

Let me put on my shoes first!

Hello doppelgangers of the happy couple!

Daddy giving the lovely bride away...

to her husband!

Check out our bling bling heels!

all over! we can rest now!

MRS and MS Wong 🙂

Finally, time to lie down and rest!



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