Step Up 3D!!

I’ve always loved the Step Up franchise! Channing Tatum was soooo cute in the first one! Who can forget the final dance in Step Up 2 and now, Rick Malambri in Step Up 3 just takes the cake! He’s perfect!!! I’m pretty sure he used a body double for some of the moves but who cares? The tango scene alone is enough to make me wanna pick up tango too!

While the plot was a tad thin with not much character development, awkward acting (Julien!) and pretty much the same formula as the prev 2 movies, the dance routines were really memorable and the cast members were totally cute!

I love!

Soooo Abercrombie & Fitch!

It was nice spotting SYTYCD alumni Joshua, Twitch and Katee! Where’s my fav Chelsea Hightower? Grr!!!


Anyhows, I’m signing up for dance lessons tmr! Wish me luck! I’m really excited. πŸ˜‰

On another note, I still miss Luci and my time in Europe badly!

Natalie & Luke’s photobooth scene totally reminded me of mine and Mario’s in Egypt! Boo.

My tan is finally fading with the help of trusty SK II and I’m happy that I’ll be turning a year older not burnt and roasted!


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