World Cup Fever!!

The World Cup is finally upon us! Whee!

The holy grail of football is back after 4 longggg years, of which i’ve aged rather ungracefully! Ha!

This year, I’m rooting for Brazil and of course, Spain will always have a soft spot in my heart
thanks to my love affair with all things Spanish. πŸ™‚

England has of course broken my heart one too many times and last night or rather, this morning was no exception. 1-1? Seriously? Sigh.. The goalkeeping was … the goal they let in was … Nvm..

I’ve love to be in South Africa with my darling Lucia meeting all the soccer players but alas, we lead different lives and work beckons, as usual.

Thankfully, my long awaited self exile/soul searching/fixing broken heart/hot summer romance adventure is finally drawing near! I’ve a month to find my luggage, pack nice & light, lose more weight, buy my Balenciaga bag and most importantly sort out work matters to that all elusive assistant that I’ve yet to find!

In other news, Jo’s birthday is coming up and we’re throwing her a rooftop pool party! Seriously, we’ve to find a cure for humidity proof hair if not I foresee tons of crazy shots with mad hair. zzz.

Oh check out the TNP soccer babes photos. I quite like them! Ok, maybe not the thumbnail, that looks a tad weird! Haha!

The Louboutins are finally put to use!



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2 responses to “World Cup Fever!!

  1. Shopkeeper Tasha

    I like the close-up! πŸ™‚

  2. gi

    it’s really yucks!

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