The Great HK Voyage

The BFF and I have decided to take a yearly girlie trip to shop, unwind and bond! πŸ˜‰

This year, we decided on Hong Kong and after snagging some greatly priced air tickets, we were off on our adventure!

and we're off!

In 4 days and almost 4 nights, we walked the most I have all year, reducing my legs to jelly and causing my limbs and back to ache! We alternated between taking cabs and the MTR and armed with Nat’s map, we were able to find our way easily. Great practise for our stint on The Amazing Race, if we ever make it!

We definitely overspent as usual but I’m really happy because I finally got my Ferragamo Varina flats which I’ve been wanting forever! I also got a pair of Christian Louboutin’s Very Prive heels and an excellent pair of Chanel heels on sale!!! WHEEE!!! Not to mention about 6 bags from small stores, tons of tops, H&M finds and cheap cheap shoes.

We ended up buying a gigantic Longchamp tote to be our handcarry to bring back all the stuff we bought! Needless to say, our luggage was severely overweight and we had to pay extra. zzz. Only downer of the entire trip.

I’m gonna have to work extra hard to recoup my losses. Thankfully, I’ll be doing so in great shoes!

Here’s where we went:

F o o d

Yung Kee

Tried the legendary Roast goose here after waiting eons to get a table! Super crowded, super busy, super tasty! Yung Kee has won tons of major culinary awards over the years and the restaurant has a 60 yr history. Definitely worth trying. It’s pretty easy to find too.

32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Ho Choi

We had severe dim sum cravings so we couldn’t resist going to Ho Choi while shopping at Silvercord. Though it’s a seafood restaurant, it serves excellent dim sum but then again, just about any place in HK serves yummy dim sum too! The Century Egg Porridge was too die for!!

my fav! yummy.

i miss the porridge already. 😦


The Met

Uber trendy! We spotted celebs and tai tais galore here. Kinda like Ion or Paragon but 1000 times less busy! We spotted Patrick Tse rushing to the toilet! Damn he looked super good for a grandfather!! The paninis and sandwiches were delish! Nice place to people watch too. πŸ˜›

Tat Cheong Bakery

We tracked down this little hole in the wall bakery with a rich heritage and a cult following and practically gobbled down the ultra fresh egg tarts. The pastry is so soft that it literally breaks into pieces if you try to hold it. The custard is yummy and smooth and now I feel like having some of it again! boo. We bought lotsa butterfly biscuits for friends and family too!

Wanton Mee

A must try in HK! You can find it almost anywhere. We had ours at a roadside stall near Granville Road. Cheap with super big wantons. HK’s wanton mee is different from our Singaporean version. It’s served with soup and only wantons, no char siew! It was a cold cold day when we were there so it felt really nice to warm up with some hot soup.


Another favourite of Hongkongers. There’s a dessert stall on most shopping streets! We had sesame and peanut paste glutinous balls! Wanted to try the other cold delights too but the temperature and our not made for winter/mock spring clothes weren’t helping. :/

S h o p p i n g

Ladies Market

The name says it all! Though there’s definitely stuff for guys too. πŸ™‚ Beware of pickpockets. This long street is an iconic part of HK shopping and there’s literally 100s of stores selling stuff from Iphone covers & headphones to trendy flats and heels, Halloween costumes, kinky lingerie, faker stuff. Everything under the sun. Nat kept wanting to buy an umbrella. Haha! Lotsa stuffed toys too and the latest obsession has to be wigs! We wanted to get one too! But the hair texture was dubious so we decided not to.

shops everywhere...

Some of the shopkeepers can get nasty and force you to buy their stuff once you touch them so be careful to only enquire when you’re certain you like the item and wanna purchase it! Don’t wanna risk getting yelled at down the entire lane, which was what happened to me many years ago! Haha! Make sure you bargain for everything and anything here!! Slash 50% off. πŸ™‚

Spotted many spongebobs..

Temple Street

A little dodgy with touts dragging you around for food but also very fun to just walk down this short lane where you can find household items, clothes, accessories, toys and other knick knacks. We got followed by another weirdo too and ran to the shopkeepers for help. Super dramatic! They confronted him and formed a protective circle around us, then chased him away and told us to we’d be safe cuz they’d stop him if he ran after us again!

Fa cai maomi all saying hello!

bling auntits..

food stalls behind!

Granville Circuit

Rise Shopping Arcade is the indie-fashion hotspot full of young HK designers selling unique clothing here. Prices don’t come cheap though, so be prepared to pay. Bargaining won’t really help too. I absolutely adored a nude blazer with black lapels and the designer just blankly said its HKD$899! Too ex for me. An interesting place to shop.

Stylishly dressed Shan Shan channelling Suri Cruise..

Granville Road

We found 3 outlet stores selling designer stuff like Prada, BCBG, DVF, MJ etc but not cheap either. They generally have more gowns, which didnt work for us but do visit these lanes if that’s your thing. There are other stores along the road selling streetwear too but not as cheap as our beloved Mongkok’s New Town Mall though.

New Town Mall

The mecca of cheap shopping! Located at Mongkok MTR’s D2 exit. It’s like Far East Plaza with levels of stores all selling streetwear at very reasonable prices! Tops for for about HKD$50 – 60 on average. With my terrible Cantonese, we managed to get tops at HKD$30! Very impressive right? We scored many cheap bags, cheap shoes, lotsa accessories, hair pieces, stockings, bras and most importantly, a super nice Balmain-style blazer!We also stocked up on korean skincare brand Missha’s stuff here. The BB cream gives you flawless skin!

Lane Crawford

The classic Lane Crawford. Home to all the big brands. Enough said.

Langham Place

The land of H&M!! We shopped like mad at H&M but had to endure the pushing and shoving from everyone else. Some aunties in their 50s or 60s kept picking the same dresses that I was after! I felt so sad after that! Haha!

Lotsa cosmetics boutiques here too! We grabbed lipglosses at NARS cuz Nat said its a gd brand and Sephora doesn’t sell it here. Nice Chihuahua coloured gloss. Slurp~

Pacific Place

Big shopping centre with big brand stores. Aka, just like every other upperty HK shopping mall.


We went to Silvercord for the I.T Sale Shop which was supposed to have items from designers like Sonia Rykiel,Β  Maison Martin Margiela, Chloe (One of my favs!), APC, D&G etc at 70% off. But we were super disappointed with the selection and the sizes. Nothing small. Clothes were like 4-5 seasons back. Kinda reminded me of the abyssmal Club 21 bazaar. They had some cute shoes but also no sizes. zzz. Nothing annoys me more than not having sizes for stuff! Left empty handed.

Thankfully there was H&M downstairs so we continued our stocking of H&M stuff and bought things that we didnt the first day. Haha!

Sham Shui Po

Wholesale street selling mainly auntie style flannel blouses. Don’t ask me why we were here! We read that we could get some gd stuff here but it was actually a waste of time and we got stalked and harassed by 2 weirdos who refused to let us leave 7-11 in peace! So, give it a miss!


This is where our hearts broke cuz we could’t afford anymore Prada and Miu Miu stuff. 😦 Super out of the way but worth it once you arrive! We went on our last day, just before going to the airport. Space is the outlet store selling past season Pradas and Miu Mius. It looks like a less posh version of the boutique here and stuff are from quite a few seasons back but you can still snag a few gd buys. Fell in love with the most gorgeous looking shell pink classic Prada flats but at $500, was abit too ex for the by now broke us. Maybe if I wait a little longer, it will be cheaper?


Hollywood Road

Bought some cute art pieces here. It’s a lane for antiques, art and culture. Many cute cafes here. We saw Burgers & Beer and other organic cafes. I bought an Audrey Hepburn art piece!! Yay!!

Lan Kwai Fong

Another iconic landmark lane in HK. Seen in almost every HK movie and TV serial, this is the watering hole-dom where expats, executives and everyone else congregate. Lotsa nice restaurants offering various cuisine like Lebanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian and French here too. It was during the Rugby 7s so there were a gazillion supporters there.


Found a Milan Station here! Haha, yes THE Milan Station where you can get gd finds and limited edition pre-loved and sometimes new bags! We saw many nice Balenciagas but none that we decided we could afford. Haha. Lots of shopping malls here too. There’s a gigantic flagship Coach here. Everyone walked around super fast here so we always seemed to be in somebody’s way and kept getting stepped on or shoved! With our shopping bags, we were hazardous. Nobody would stop to help us take pictures! Haha! I took a picture with a giant lightbulb who was standing in the middle of the sidewalk to raise awareness for Earth Hour. Cute!

Tsim Sha Tsui

Super busy place where you shop till you drop! Home to every label imaginable and available in HK, TST is the place to go for uptown shoppers. From Ocean Terminal/Harbour City to Granville, TST offers street after street and block after block of shopping! Again, another fast forwarded pace place!

Fruit Market

We discovered this by chance on the first day while trying to locate a shop selling clothes at HKD$10 which we saw when our cab passed by it. I can’t remember what’s the actual street but vendors sold fresh vegetables, fruits, salted fish and other produce here. Interesting! We took pictures of the stores here since we were the only ones not shopping for a change.

cute street..

nice woah woah..



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3 responses to “The Great HK Voyage

  1. Nat

    Chihuahua, can I get a woot woot?
    I want more peidan chok, egg yolk pastries, egg tarts…*drool.
    Next stop BKK? πŸ˜›

  2. Vivienne


    I enjoyed reading your blog. Loved your ferragamo varina flats. Can I know where in HK you bought it? And for how much? I’ll be going this weekend =)

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