The ordeal of my wisdoms..

I decided to extract my painful wisdom tooth to spare myself a lifetime of misery. I know many of you have this fear of dealing with your wisdoms for fear of pain, the recovery, the discomfort, the swelling etc so I decided to write about my ordeal to give you more perspective.

Sarah recommended Dr Bruce Chew of Chew & Chew at Mount E to me.

I did some research and found out that Dr Bruce was highly sought after and has a stellar work record of wisdom teeth surgeries and extractions so I promptly rang them up and told them about the pain I was experiencing.

Nurse Priscilla quickly slotted me in on the same day to have my check-up, xray and surgery done! How nice of them to accommodate a first-time patient like me!

The whole procedure involved taking an X Ray first to view the extent of the ‘damage’,  followed by consultation from Dr Bruce who advised that instead of just removing the bottom right tooth which was giving me problems, I should extract the top one as well, so that it wouldn’t be sticking around in the mouth with nothing to bite onto.

So, we agreed to remove 2 wisdoms! The extraction for the top tooth took less than a min after the numbing with injections were done. The bottom tooth on the other hand, was a tricky one as it was growing horizontally and sitting on the gums and a nerve!

After several drills later, the tooth was broken into pieces and taken out bit by bit patiently! It was over in 40mins!

Not a single bit of pain throughout, Dr Bruce and the nurses were nice, kind and patient to me and eased all my fears.

Mummy was there with me so I wasn’t too scared. 🙂

On to recovery now! My face is swollen but it should be ok after a few days I hope. Stitches will be removed on 1st March. Wish me luck!


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